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Starting point: Colombo
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01 Night Accommodation in Dambulla.
01 Night Accommodation in Kandy.
02 Night Accommodation in Nuwara Eliya.
02 Nights accommodation in Bentota.
01 Night Accommodation in Colombo.
visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.
visit Cave Temple & Sigiriya Rock Fortress.
Tooth Temple.
Kandy City Tour.
Yala National Park.
Mandu River Boat Ride & Turtle Hatchery.
Colombo City Tour.
Daily Breakfast.
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Any Expenses of personal nature.
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Any expenses which is not including in inclusion.
Kandy Activities
  • Kandy city tour

    Kandy, more popularly known as the hill capital of Sri Lanka, is an attractive tourist destination. Its history dates back to the 15th century, when it was the last royal capital of the country. The city is 115km from Colombo and is the second biggest city in Sri Lanka. Kandy has an abundance of culture around it; the Temple of the Tooth being the most popular attraction. The centre of the city is situated in a valley which is elevated at 600m above sea level. Kandy Lake is an artificial creation by one of the past rulers and today, it is a scenic centre piece of the town. Also, home to an international cricket stadium, Kandy brings in thousands of cricket fans. Sports, religion, history and culture, Kandy has it all! A Day tour of Kandy should not be missed out on your tour of Sri Lanka.
  • Tooth Temple

    Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a Buddhist temple in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is located in the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy, which houses the relic of the tooth of the Buddha. Since ancient times, the relic has played an important role in local politics because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country. Kandy was the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings and is a World Heritage Site mainly due to the temple.
  • Udawattakele Forest Reserve

    Udawattakele Forest Reserve, often spelled as Udawatta Kele, is a historic forest reserve on a hill-ridge in the city of Kandy. It is 104 hectares (257 acres) large. During the days of the Kandyan kingdom, Udawattakele was known as "Uda Wasala Watta" in Sinhalese meaning "the garden above the royal palace". The sanctuary is famous for its extensive avifauna. The reserve also contains a great variety of plant species, especially lianas, shrubs and small trees. There are several giant lianas. Many of small and medium size mammals that inhabit Sri Lanka can be seen here. Several kinds of snakes and other reptiles might be seen. Udawattakele was designated as a forest reserve in 1856, and it became a sanctuary in 1938.[1][2][3] The forest is also popular with foreign tourists, especially bird watchers. Scientific nature research has been carried out in the forest by researchers. The forest is of religious importance as there are three Buddhist meditation hermitages and three rock shelter dwellings for Buddhist monk hermits
  • International Buddhist Museum

    International Buddhist Museum is the world's first International Buddhist Museum.[1] It is located next to the National Museum of Kandy and Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The site was the former Palace of the Kandian King, Wimaladharmasuriya upon which the British constructed a Victorian era building, which housed the Kandy Kachcheri.
  • Elephant Orphange

    The orphanage was established to feed, nurse and house young elephants found abandoned by their mothers. Young elephants sometimes fall into pits and ravines in their quest for water during drought period. Other orphans have been displaced from their wild habitat by development projects or have been found abandoned before weaning, diseased or wounded.[2] There are 48 mahouts (handlers) who take care of the elephants. The female and young elephants in Pinnawala range freely as a herd during the day in an area of a few acres. They are herded about .5 km (0.31 mi) twice a day to drink and be bathed in the river. At night, the females are individually chained in stalls. Adult males do some light work such as transporting feed. They are chained and managed individually. Calves born in Pinnawala are not bottle fed, but a few from ETH are kept at Pinnawala and bottle fed as a tourist attraction.[
  • cultural show

    Sri Lanka, a country rich with culture & tradition offers a very vibrant and unique show of Sri Lankan traditional dances, in the form of Kandy cultural show. The beat a dancing vibrant expression of low country rhythm, Fire and Harvest dances accompanied by Ceremonial Drums and the Drum Orchestra rising and falling to the lively tempo. As many as 12 different folk and traditional dances are performed by Kandy lake club dance troop within the span of one hour.
  • Kandy city tour
  • Tooth Temple
Bentota Activities
  • Madu River Boat Ride & Turtle Hatchery.

    Boat safari along the Madu River is a relaxing trip with plenty of interesting stops. You pass dozens of islets forested with mangroves and can appreciate the timeless natural rhythms of rural life. You cruise in a canopied, outboard motor powered boat. You can see prawn farming and traditional fishing techniques in action & abundance of wildlife including water monitors, wild monkeys, lizards and many birds such as Kingfisher, Hawk Eagle and Comarans. This hatchery is located 5 Km north of Balapitiya . These turtle hatcheries were constructed to rescue and protect turtle eggs because of the rapidly declining numbers of marine turtle in Sri Lankan shores. Marine turtle eggs are purchased from the fisherman and re-buried along the beach and left there for 48 days allowing the eggs ample time to hatch. Thereafter the baby turtles are collected from the beach and kept in tanks for 2-3 days, and released into the ocean to fend off for themselves. The few female turtles that survive will return to their natal shores after ten years to lay their own eggs.Visitors to the hatchery could release baby turtles into the ocean at night; they could also take a glimpse at two very rare albino turtles that are kept at the sea turtle project for conservation .
  • Kande Viharaya

    the Kande Viharaya is a great place to gobble up some history while observing local life. A pioneer centre for Buddhist education in Sri is very famous place here you can utilize your time with fun.Kande Viharaya has a number of ancient sculptures, statues and colorful frescoes dating back to the Kandyan era (15th-19th century).
  • the Galle Dutch Fort

    the Galle Dutch Fort very famous place in bentota.About 50 kms south of Bentota is the Galle Dutch Fort, a centuries-old fortification that has been beautifully preserved. the galle dutch fort is more beautiful place where you can spend the time and click beautiful picture.
  • Kande Vihare Temple

    Cinnamon Island is a popular attraction close to Bentota. It is an age old cinnamon plantation set on an island which has been run by a single family for generations. Here you can learn about the processing of cinnamon for its various uses, and a tour of the island is highly recommended while travelling to Bentota.
  • Sri Kalyanarama Maha Viharaya

    Located in Kaluwamodera, this temple is renowned for the ancient marble effigy of Lord Buddha. The statue of Buddha, which is well over a hundred years old and measures almost six feet is said to have come from Burma.
  • Madu River Boat Ride & Turtle Hatchery.
Colombo Activities
  • Colombo Half Day City Tour

    Sri Lanka's capital, biggest city and major port has its supporters and detractors. We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning or afternoon. Tour will begin from the Fort area of Colombo which has been a fort during the times of Portuguese and Dutch. We will drive through the commercial areas and drive past Pettah, a colorful Oriental bazaar with a mix of people, ancient vehicles, bargains, mosques and temples. You have a chance to see a Hindu Temple, Buddhist Temple and a Mosque of Colombo. Continue your tour to see the Wolfendhal Dutch Church, Hulfts dorp Law Courts as driving along the residential area of Cinnamon Gardens. We will also visit the Independence Square and Bandaranayake Memorial International Conference Hall before returning to the hotel.
  • Galle Full Day Excursion

    Galle is a city situated on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, 119 km from Colombo. Galle is the capital city of Southern Province of Sri Lanka and it lies in Galle District. We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning by 09:00am and leave for Galle. On our way to Galle we'll drive across the new Southern Express Highway. Our first stop will be a visit to the Galle Fort (spanning 90 acres) which was originally built by the Portuguese and later extended by the Dutch in 1663. This is also a World Heritage Site. A Lunch stop at Galle will be made available according to your need & time (Lunch is optional). On our way back to Colombo, visit a mask factory in the town of Ambalangoda which is famous for traditional hand carved masks & hand painted puppets. Visit the Turtle hatchery in Kosgoda which is being operated by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka. Several species of turtles, especially the endangered hawksbill are protected here. Thereafter proceed to Colombo.
  • National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka

    National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka (also called Colombo Zoo or Dehiwala Zoo) is a zoological garden in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka, founded in 1936. Its sprawling areas are host to a variety of animals and birds. The zoo exhibits animals but also places an emphasis on animal conservation and welfare, and education. The zoo has 3000 animals and 350 species.
  • Udawalawe jeep safari

    A visit to the city of Monaragala in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka will bring you to the Udawalawe National Park. This park is the third most visited park in all of Sri Lanka and presents visitors with a fusion of flora and fauna. Herds of elephants, buffalos, deer and leopards are what you are destined to see on your day tour of the Udawalawe Jeep Safari. The park is located at the center of the Udawalawe reservoir, which allows for marshes, grasslands and forests. Being a representation of many of the East African National parks, Udawalawe Park owns 12 species of amphibians, 33 species of resptiles, 43 types of mammals, 21 kinds of fish and 184 varieties of birds.
  • National Museum

    the National Museum is an important tourist attraction in Colombo which houses the regalia of Sri Lanka. it is a largest museum in the country it is Established by Sir William Henry in 1877.
  • Sri Kailawasanathar Swami Devasthanam

    Sri Kailawasanathar Swami Devasthanam is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Colombo dedicated to Lord Shiva and Ganesha, and is a special attraction for Hindu travellers.
  • Colombo Half Day City Tour
Nuwara Eliya Activities
  • Yala National Park

    Yala National Park is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka, bordering the Indian Ocean. The park consists of five blocks, two of which are now open to the public, and also adjoining parks. The blocks have individual names such as, Ruhuna National Park (block 1) and Kumana National Park or 'Yala East' for the adjoining area. It is situated in the southeast region of the country, and lies in Southern Province and Uva Province. The park covers 979 square kilometres (378 sq mi) and is located about 300 kilometres (190 mi) from Colombo. Yala was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900, and, along with Wilpattuwas one of the first two national parks in Sri Lanka, having been designated in 1938. The park is best known for its variety of wild animals. It is important for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan leopards and aquatic birds. There are six national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity of Yala. Among the largest is Lunugamvehera National Park. The park is situated in the dry semi-arid climatic region and rain is received mainly during the northeast monsoon. Yala hosts a variety of ecosystems ranging from moist monsoon forests to freshwater and marine wetlands.
  • Hakgala Botanical Gardens

    The Hakgala Botanical Gardens is the second largest botanic garden in Sri Lanka and is located in a scenic part of Nuwara Eliya along the Badulla Road. Steeped in legend, often cloaked in a soft mist and always filled with colour and fragrance is the Hakgala Botanical Gardens, located around 10kms southeast of Nuwara Eliya. Tours to the gardens are a popular activity if holidaying in Nuwara Eliya, and while the Gardens are open year-round, the best time to visit and enjoy the beautiful blooms are from April to August, during the relatively dry and warmer period of year.
  • Laxapana Falls

    one of Sri Lanka’s most famous waterfalls, and perhaps the one that has proven the most useful in terms of generating power to the country, the Lakshapana waterfall is located in Nuwara Eliya district in the country’s mountainous region. The Laxapana Falls falls are 129m high and rise from the Laxapana estate and plunges into the Maskeliya Oya via Maoussakelle. The waters of this mountainous river are fast moving, rushing over huge boulders and rocks, gurgling across a multitude of small streams around the mountains before emerging as an awe-inspiring waterfall, especially during the monsoon season when the rivers are swollen and full.
  • Devon Falls

    The Devon waterfall, located in Talawakelle in the Nuwara Eliya district is one of Sri Lanka’s most distinctive waterfalls. The waterfall drops for a sheer 97m of cascading water, and thereafter flows in three continuous tiers, making it waterfall after waterfall. It’s a beautiful and amazing sight. And its one of a pair of waterfalls – a few meters away is the St. Clair waterfall, which together provides one of the most breathtaking waterfall sights in Sri Lanka to any visitor. Tour groups invariably stop and gaze in rapture from the look out point in Talawakelle, across a deep tree-filled gorge into which the water from the two falls flow and disappear. This is perhaps the only place in Sri Lanka where you can view two magnificent waterfalls, each distinctly different, from the same vantage point.
  • The Ceylon Breweries

    The brewing of beer was started in Nuwara Eliya by Sir Samuel Baker in 1881 at Lover’s Leap. It is an interesting visit, for the brewery is one of the finest in the island. It’s been in business since 1884.
  • Play Golf at Nuwara Eliya

    Located in the town of Nuwara Eliya which sits high in the hills among the Tea plantations, is the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club with its splendid course, built by a Scottish soldier in 1889. The venue for many tournaments, this course is challenging and exciting, with many characteristics and distinctive natural elements that golfers should watch out for. The weather and scenic surroundings will make your entire sojourn peaceful and happy, more so since the Club offer accommodation and all modern amenities along with great service always accompanied by a smile.
  • Yala National Park
Dambulla Activities
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress and Cave Temples Private Day Trip

    Sigiriya and Dambulla have been nominated as UNESCO World Heritage and once Sigiriya was nominated as the 8th Wonder of the World. This is a must-do trip when visiting Sri Lanka. Early morning leave for Sigiriya (approx. 4 hours drive) and climb the 5th-century Sigiriya rock fortress. Sigiriya is famous for its toadstool of golden-hued granite, protruding into the searing blue sky from a hot, flat wilderness of scrub-land, which is transformed in the rainy season to a water garden. Afterwards visiting this beautiful area, have lunch at Oakray Inamaluwa Restaurant. After lunch, visit Dambulla rock temple that was built by King Walagambahu in the 1st century B.C. and it is a World Heritage Site. It is the most impressive of Sri Lanka's cave temples. The complex of five caves with over 2000 sq. meters of painted walls and ceilings, is the largest area of paintings found in the world. It contains over 150 images of the Buddha and the largest is the colossal figure of the Buddha carved out of rock and spanning 14 meters.On completion of this visit, you will be driven back to your hotel (approx. 4 hours drive)
  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

    The orphanage was established to feed, nurse and house young elephants found abandoned by their mothers. Young elephants sometimes fall into pits and ravines in their quest for water during drought period. Other orphans have been displaced from their wild habitat by development projects or have been found abandoned before weaning, diseased or wounded.[2] There are 48 mahouts (handlers) who take care of the elephants. The female and young elephants in Pinnawala range freely as a herd during the day in an area of a few acres. They are herded about .5 km (0.31 mi) twice a day to drink and be bathed in the river. At night, the females are individually chained in stalls. Adult males do some light work such as transporting feed. They are chained and managed individually. Calves born in Pinnawala are not bottle fed, but a few from ETH are kept at Pinnawala and bottle fed as a tourist attraction.
  • Sigiriya and Dambulla Full Day Excursion

    We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning by 06:30 am and leave for Sigiriya. The ancient city of Sigiriya also known as the "Lion's Rock" has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is where the ruins of the 5th Century ancient rock fortress and former capital lies. We ascend to Sigiriya Rock. Within its triple-moated defense the huge rock rises almost to a sheer height of 500ft. On its summit are the foundations of what was once a great and sumptuous Royal Pleasure Gardens which is considered to be one of the earliest extended landscaped gardens in Asia, another distinctive feature in Sigiriya which you can find on one of the stairways is the ancient work of Sinhala secular painting survived in the form of Frescoes of life sized damsels in all the freshness and delicacy of their original color; the Mirror Wall located just below the paintings, has verses dating from the 8th century. It was originally well polished that the king could see himself whilst he walked alongside. A Lunch stop will be made available according to your need & time (Lunch is optional). After lunch we visit the Dambulla Cave Temple. Dambulla, is a unique historical site and part of the "Cultural Triangle" founded in the 1st-century BC by King Valegamba. It is the home to over 80 caves, housing Buddhist statues and many paintings both religious and secular. Thereafter proceed to Colombo.
  • Minneriya National Park

    Minneriya National Park Dambulla is a national park in North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The area was designated as a national park on 12 August 1997, having been originally declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938. The reason for declaring the area as protected is to protect the catchment of Minneriya tank and the wildlife of the surrounding area. The tank is of historical importance, having been built by King Mahasen in third century AD. The park is a dry season feeding ground for the elephant population dwelling in forests of Matale, Polonnaruwa, and Trincomalee districts.
  • Pidurangala Rock

    While Sigiriya Rock is rich in history and has some pretty dramatic features such as the lion’s paw and the mirror wall, Pidurangala Rock has a much more natural feel, despite also housing a temple. Pidurangala Rock is adjacent to Sigiriya Rock and is the best viewing spot of Sigiriya Rock as it is only slightly lower. Pidurangala is a popular spot for sunrise as you can enjoy 360-degree views of not only the valleys but also Sigiriya Rock. There is no need to choose between the two. Many travelers wake up for the sunrise at Pidurangala and then head to sunset on top of Sigiriya Rock. This is exactly what I did and I highly recommend it.
  • Museum of Wall Paintings

    The English-language displays here are a good primer on Sri Lankan wall art – from cave paintings to 18th-century frescoes – but the poor reproductions fail to inspire the enthusiasm the subject deserves.
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress and Cave Temples Private Day Trip
  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

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Itinerary Plan
Day 1 : Arrival colombo

Meet & greet at colombo Airport transfer to Dambulla visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

Day 2 : Cave Temple & Sigiriya Rock Fortress

After Breakfast proceed to Cave Temple & Sigiriya Rock Fortress and Drive to Kandy.stay overnight at hotel.

Day 3 : Kandy City Tour

After Breakfast proceed to Tooth Temple followed by Kandy City Tour, later to Nuwara eliya. stay overnight at hotel.

Day 4 : Yala National Park

After Breakfast proceed to Yala National Park.

Day 5 : Bentota

Proceed to Bentota, Evening at leisure.

Day 6 : Mandu River Boat Ride & Turtle Hatchery

After Breakfast proceed to Mandu River Boat Ride & Turtle Hatchery enjoy the tour stay overnight at hotel.

Day 7 : Bentota to Colombo

After Breakfast proceed to colombo and enjoy the colombo city tour stay overnight at hotel.

Day 8 : colombo-Departure

After Breakfast proceed to colombo Airport.

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